Conveyor Belts

We offer an extensive assortment of Conveyor Belts that is ideal solution for transporting heavy loads from one place to another safely & efficiently. These are utilized in conveying systems in diverse industries; stone crushers, coal, thermal & cement plants and much more. Also, it is suitable for Iron mills, Paper mills, Airports, Mines, Rice mills and etc due to its excellent temperature resistance, great abrasion resistance, superb tensile strength and outstanding flexibility. Top-grade rubber used in making ensure its tremendous wear & tear resistance and longer performance. We have made Conveyor Belts available in diverse types such as Rough top, flat conveyor, BOUNDED EDGE, kleet conveyor, End less, etc.

Salient Features:

  • Excellent impact resistance make its life longer.
  • High water resistance does not allow to slip loads.
  • Perfect width and thickness ensure simple installation.
  • High tensile strength and heat resistance make its performance great.
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Chevron Belt

Price: 1000-2500 INR/Meter

Chevron Belt is designed specially for conveying flour, wheat, corn, snack, ash, wet loam, etc on inclining surface at angles of less than 40 degree. Comes in type of Closed-V, Open V, Y type, F type, etc, this is used in industrial applications comprising ore, coal, minerals, and solid duty scrap metal.

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Rubber Conveyor Belt Rolls

Price: 1000-2500 INR/Meter

Rubber Conveyor Belt Rolls are made out of top-grade rubber and fabric to make its heat proof, abrasion resistance, excellent finish and durable products. These belts ensure convenient transition of materials. Mainly used in conveyor machine, these come in all grades, sizes, types and needed lengths to choose from.

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Rough Top Conveyor Belt

Price: 1000-2500 INR/Meter

Rough Top Conveyor Belt ensures strong gripping of conveying loads due to its rugged pattern and high impact resistance. It is ideal for parcels, boxes, and sacks, on sloping surface at the angles 25 to 30 degree. Manufactured in 2 or 3 ply along with cut edges and carcass, this is easy to install and abrasion proof.

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Rubber Conveyor Belts

Price: 1000-2500 INR/Meter

Rubber Conveyor Belts are engineered to provide ideal solution for conveying heavy loads from one point to another. Comes in the pattern of bounded edge, flat conveyor, end less, rough top, these are great for Airports, Paper & Rice mills, Mines, Stone crushers, etc.

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Industrial Rubber Conveyor Belts

Price: 1000-2500 INR/Meter

Industrial Rubber Conveyor Belts are suitable for automobile, engineering, construction, food processing, and allied industries due to their excellent impact & heat resistance, abrasion proof design, and tremendous tensile strength. These can easily be installed due to their perfect width, thickness, flexibility and wear & tear resistance.


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